Waltham 135th Parade Committee

Final Parade Marching Order - no changes or additions will be made

 2019 Waltham 135th Parade


Waltham Fire Honor Guard

Waltham Fire Trucks

Waltham Fire Chief

Waltham Auto Tow 75-ton rotator

Waltham Police Honor Guard

Waltham Police Chief

Waltham American Legion Band

Waltham American Legion Trolley

Waltham Veterans Organizations

Classic car

Classic car

Waltham City Hall

Mayor McCarthy

Waltham Girl Scouts

Classic car

Waltham City Council

Classic car

Waltham School Committee

Mariachi Band

Classic car

Lions Club Eyemobile

Classic car

Mass State Police Cruiser

Mass State Police Truck

Knights of Columbus

Family of Joseph "Nipper" Maher

Waltham Youth Baseball

Classic car

Irish American Police Officers Association

Laborers Local 560 Truck

Masonic Lodges

Aleppo Shriners

Classic car

Christian Turpin - Special Olympics Athlete

Step by Step Dance Studio

Waltham Girls Basketball

Waltham High School Cheer Team

Waltham High School Athletics

Waltham High School Show Choir

Classic car

Reagle Players

Classic car

US Army Recruting Team

Classic car

Dancing with the Waltham Stars

Classic car

Engaged Citizens of Waltham

Waltham Youth Soccer

Miss Elementary School Massachusetts

French Club Country Masters

Classic car

Classic car

Latinos in Action

National Miss Captivating Kendall Johnson


Bentley University Greek Activities Council

Classic car

Waltham Boys & Girls Club

Classic car

Waltham Girl's Softball

MacArthur Elementary School with Moody St String Band

Classic car

Disney characters

Dedication to Dot Slamin Hill & Bill Walsh

Waltham Community Farm

Classic car

Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra

Marvel characters

Classic car

Circus clowns

Classic car

Studio of Creative Movement

Whittemore Elementary School with Captain & Ginger

Waltham Garden Club

Classic car

Waltham Boy Scouts

Classic car

Africano Waltham

Classic car

Big Wing Stilt Walker

Classic car

Leland Home

Northeast Elementary School with Gerry Beaudoin

Star Wars characters

Children's Business Fair

Mamai Art Gallery

Center Stage Dance

Stanley Elementary School with Watch City Cadillacs

Waltham Youth Lacrosse

Classic car

Watch cdc

Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department

Classic car

Metz car

Waltham Museum featurng Grover Cronin's

Sudbury Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps

Classic car

Sudbury Minutemen

Waltham Steampunk Festival

Classic car

Waltham Senior Center

Brandeis University

Toy Story characters

Casa Guatamala

Unicyclist Juggler

MJ's Music School

Classic car

Waltham Youth Wrestling

Middlesex Sheriff's cruiser

Classic car

Nothing's Impossible Baseball

Plympton Elementary School with Mike "Elvis" Slater

Classic car

Warrendale Baseball

Fitzgerald Elementary School

Legacy Dance Studio

Back in Time

Classic car

Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department

Classic car

Parade Queen Yolanda

Parade King Lou Nocera