Waltham 135th Parade Route


Like the Waltham Parades of the past, our route is nearly all on Main and Moody Streets. The parade will muster at 10am and start in the 75 Linden Street parking lot as well as in the westbound lane of Main Street closest to the parking lot from Linden Street to Rosehill Way.

We will depart promptly at 11am from Linden/Main Street and head west towards Moody Street. The parade will turn left on to Moody Street and continue straight before coming to an end in the area of Orange Street.

The section of Moody Street from High/Maple south to upper Crescent Street (near Derby St) will be closed from 12PM to 4PM. This will allow room for our Block Party.


When the parade arrives in the block party area an unloading zone will be established on one side of the street. Participants, bands etc. who are staying will unload. Participants that are not staying in the block party zone will then leave the area with the floats, leaving just the parades vendors, participants, dignitaries, activities etc.

To accommodate the block party and parade, “No Parking” signs for the needed time period will be posted the length of Moody Street from High Street to upper Crescent Street with several days’ notice. This will be enforced by Waltham Police prior to the 12-4 block party.

All of the adjoining side streets coming on and off Moody Street from High to upper Crescent will be blocked at Moody Street. They will also be blocked at the next adjoining intersection west and east of Moody Street, whether it is Adams Street, Lowell Street or Beech Street. Signage and barricades will allow for resident access to these blocks.

Access to all points can be made available for all public safety needs. The side streets that will be affected are: Alder St, Myrtle St, Ash St, Brown St, Robbins St, Wadsworth Ave, Orange St, Washington Ave, Chester Ave and Dexter St.