Waltham 135th Parade Committee

All float participants should gather at 271 Waverly Oaks Rd at 10am on Parade Day.

You will be sent to Linden & Main when your spot is called

Marching Group and Parade Participant Rules:.

All participants should arrive at their designated areas by 10am on Parade Day

Marchers: 75 Linden St

Floats: 271 Waverly Oaks Rd

Classic cars: 375 Main St


  1. All groups participating with children must have two adult supervisors/coaches/chaperones per ten children, no exceptions.

  2. All groups will be required to provide a copy of their marching position and these rules to their group via email and maintain a list of marching participants.

  3. Nobody will be allowed to join the parade lineup after 1030am. All marchers must be lined up before 10am.

  4. The parade must keep moving, no marchers will be allowed to stop and join other groups, all marchers must proceed to the ending point. Once your group has started along the parade route, no additional persons may join.

  5. No maneuvers are allowed that slow the movement of the parade.

  6. At the end of the parade, marching groups with children will line up on the Moody Street sidewalk. Moody Street will be closed to traffic and all adults must ensure children are supervised and parents/guardians are present to get their children.

  7. Each marching group will be given an instruction sheet and should maintain a checklist of children marching with their group for use at the end of the parade. No children should be left unsupervised at any time.

  8. No parade participants are allowed to throw items of any kind during the parade.

  9.  NO CHASE/ SUPPORT VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED. Police and parade volunteers will be posted along the parade route and are there for the purpose of assisting any parade participants.

  10.  NO political, religious or commercial advocacy propaganda or groups.

  11.  Only official parade signs and banners are allowed to be carried by marchers and displayed on floats.

  12.  Elected officials must all march together in their allotted slot, exceptions are Grand Marshal, Parade Marshals, Parade King, and Parade Queen.

  13.  If you must withdraw from the parade for any reason, please contact the Parade Committee as soon as possible.