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Waltham 135th Parade Committee

Waltham was incorporated as a city in 1884. 135 years ago. That's quite a milestone. One deserving of a parade, even. A big parade. In a respectful nod to Waltham's past parades past Grover Cronin's, several community-focused individuals formed a committee to make it happen. The goal is to bring all of Waltham's groups and people together for a parade to celebrate our Waltham with a parade and a block party. 9.22.19, 11am.

Committee Officers:

Randy LeBlanc - Committee Chair

Bill Hanley - Treasurer

Deanna Vanaria - Secretary

Cathyann Harris - Business Director

Committee Members

Lisa Burke - Float Coordinator

Joe Vanaria - Truck and Trailer Coordinator

Drew Logue - Marketing & Advertising

Karen Walz - Waltham Philharmonic Coordinator

Charlie Egirous - Classic Cars

Shelly Drowns - Band Coordinator

Ed Logue - Fundraising Coordinator

Lisa Lorgeree - Fundraising Coordinator

Elizabeth Dragone - Youth Groups Coordinator

Special thanks to our 501c3 fiscal agent, Downtown Waltham Partnership

Committee member list coming soon (once we get everyone's permission to post names here) 

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